MAF OVA s.r.o.

We like tasks to which others say,
“It‘s impossible.“

Foreword by the MAF owner

We are not different,
we just think differently.

MAF is a group of people who are not afraid to work and accept challenges. We get on well, we listen to each other, and for that we are proud. We are not just colleagues. We are a family.

Owner Martin Florek
MAF OVA s.r.o.
MAF OVA s.r.o.
MAF OVA s.r.o.
MAF OVA s.r.o.

We believe in fair and professional business relations. We like tasks to which others say, “It‘s impossible.“ We invent, create and produce originals. You can recognize our work by the fact that things work and people are happy.

Welcome to MAF.

years of experience


In line with our philosophy, we strive for the highest possible production independence, expansion of production and technological capacities.

The project team will propose a draft solution in 3D quality. In cooperation with our technologists, we will design and apply the most suitable materials and their combinations.

In the iron foundry, we process steel in a whole spectrum of finishes. After a saw, scissors and laser formatting, we will further adjust individual parts on the lathe, milling machine or drill. Our welders connect the parts by TIG, CO2 or flame method and our 10-ton crane move them to the assembly plant. We process iron, stainless steel and aluminium.

The woodwork workshop, processing exclusively solid wood, is equipped to be able to format, sand, combine components and finish surface of any piece of solid wood. It appropriately complements our custom production.

Thanks to 20 years of experience, our tool warehouses are equipped as well as any professional tool rental business. We realize that any professional craftsman needs quality tools for his work, thus saving time and money. The final result well represents his work and ultimately, the entire MAF.

MAF history

MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • Start of the business in the field of work at heights, registration of the company’s business license
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • First individual work at height contracts
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • Implementation of special projects at heights, including design and technological preparation of production
MAF OVA ikona
  • Rental of the first storage space in Ostrava
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • The first supply of services abroad
  • Small machinery production and subsequent assembly of technologies in Slovakia, Germany and Italy
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • Rental of small production facilities, the establishment of a locksmith workshop, an overall expansion of the warehouse space
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • Rental of a production hall with an area of 80 m2
  • Establishment of the company’s design department
  • Implementation of the first special projects (Vítkovice Lower Area - exhibits for the U6 interactive exposition)
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • Establishment of MAF-OVA, s.r.o.
  • Extension of the production area and warehouse space up to 200 m2
  • Additions to the portfolio of services and products, design and production of custom interior elements and catering services
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • Focus on highly specialized production, safety- and security-by-design, specific material requirements (circus, theatre, acrobatics)
  • First supplies of circus equipment outside the EU (Canada, Brazil)
MAF OVA ikona
  • Full production self-sufficiency, retrofitting of the locksmith’s workshop with new equipment
  • Complex solutions delivery including design, production, assembly and final implementation
  • Pre-project and project preparation and documentation, authorisation and validation procedure
MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona MAF OVA ikona
  • Investment in the company-owned production facilities with an area of 1200 m2 including production, assembly and storage facilities
  • Increased production capacity by investing in production technologies - equipment, gantry crane, fleet
  • Conclusion of contracts with several specialized subcontractors

Overview of implementations


Canada – Toronto

Delivery of circus equipment for artists in collaboration with Cirque de Soleil


Brasil – Fortaleza

Delivery of circus equipment for performers


Austria – Wienna, Salzburg

Elevator shafts dismantling


Denmark – Haslev

The light exhibition for the 150th anniversary of the city of Haslev, cooperation with 3D sense


Germany – Berlin

Manufacture and assembly of suspension structure for high-rise building


Czech Republic

Development, manufacture, assembly and work at height for dozens of clients



Installation and servicing of biogas plants across Slovakia


Finland – Tampere

Revision of the 80m high chimney internal skeleton and its technology



Installation of membrane technology for the biogas plant


Russia – Moscow

Artwork for the Plato gallery / Irina Korina